Can You Make Money Writing On Medium?

Over the past year, I’ve received questions about the online publishing platform Medium. It pays writers, who get paid according to how much attention their content receives. Increased reading time on an article increases the writer’s income. Medium describes itself as an “online publishing platform.” Evan Williams, formerly co-founder of Blogger and Twitter, developed the network in 2012. To be … Read more

Novella Series: Thinking Of Writing A Novella?

Are you thinking of writing a novella? Your questions about short fiction in general, and novellas in particular, inspired me to create the novella series of articles; the articles are free reads. Novella series: current articles You can read the first two articles in the novella series now. Read now: Write A Novella: Want To Write Short Fiction? (Novella Series … Read more

Improve Your Imagination: Anthony Trollope’s Secret

Writers often complain to me that they have no imagination. (Of course you do!) I love this quote from famous novelist Anthony Trollope on developing your imagination so that you can create fictional characters. How to develop your imagination Sir Henry Brackenbury recounted a conversation he had with Trollope in his book, Some Memories of My Spare Time: I said … Read more