Novella Series: Thinking Of Writing A Novella?

Are you thinking of writing a novella? Your questions about short fiction in general, and novellas in particular, inspired me to create the novella series of articles; the articles are free reads.

Novella series: current articles

You can read the first two articles in the novella series now.

Read now:

In upcoming articles we’ll cover these topics:

  • Plotting novellas and other short fiction;
  • Story beginnings;
  • KDP Select and novellas;
  • From short story to novella; and more.

Vital: if you’re a self-publishing author, and you’re NOT publishing novellas, you’re leaving money on the table. 

What can you do with the novellas you write in a week?

The ability to write a novella in a week gives you many opportunities.

Such as:

  • You can write and sell your novellas outright, if you need a quick injection of cash. This is a form of fiction ghostwriting;
  • Of course you can publish novellas just as you would any other book. A novella’s very useful to revive a series which has gone stale, or to kick off a new series;
  • Why not compile a couple of your novellas into a book, so you have another book to sell?

By the way… I don’t recommend giving away your novellas as freebies. Price them as you would any other book. The days when freebies ruled are gone.

I love writing novellas. They’re a fun and profitable addition to your writing toolbox.

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