Available Now: New Writing Class For Professionals From Angela Booth

Angela Booth has released a new writing class. The class helps anyone who needs to write but finds the process challenging. Conducted via email, it provides all reference materials, as well as coaching and feedback.

New writing class: enrollments open

Today, people who’ve never considered themselves writers need to write either as part of their job, or to communicate efficiently at a distance. Angela Booth’s new class, When Writing Means Business: Write To Persuade, Inform And Sell, helps to build powerful communication skills, especially for those who feel they “can’t write.”

Angela said: “The class aims to unlock creativity and helps members to get the results they want from their writing. We cover tricks and strategies anyone can use to become more productive and skilled, no matter what form of writing they do.”

Initially, Angela offered the class several times a year to her personal coaching students. Its success prompted her to make it widely available.

Students’ occupations range from academics to business people and bloggers. One student, a retiree, said: “When I decided to go into business with a friend, we both took Angela’s class so we could create a business plan, and market our new business. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”

The class curriculum is structured over four weeks, with a new lesson and exercises emailed weekly, with occasional bonus messages.

Each week, students email an exercise to Angela for feedback. Angela assures students that all their interactions with her are strictly confidential.

Since the class takes several hours each week, members can extend the class over additional weeks, if they need extra time.

Further information on the writing class is available here.

Enrollments are open now; a special offering is included.

The offering closes when the class begins, on May 16, 2022.

About Angela Booth

Copywriter, author, and writing teacher Angela Booth offers comprehensive writing and marketing services.

She also offers classes, online programs, and workshops at her website: Angela’s Writing Classes.

The class curriculum

The class aims to unlock creativity and helps members to get the results they want from their writing