A Savvy Book Marketing Strategy for Self-Publishing Authors

With some six million books available on Amazon’s Kindle Store, effective book marketing is a challenge for all authors.

The strategic release of short stories and novellas has become a popular promotional strategy for traditionally-published authors. Publishers recommend this strategy to their authors, because it works.

Author and writing teacher Angela Booth says that traditional publishers are aware of Amazon’s algorithms, and how sales are helped by consistent publishing. “Traditional publishers watch indies, because indies are smart. Indie authors pioneered the sequential rapid-release of an author’s novels years ago.”

Eventually this strategy stopped working for many authors.

Savvy authors switched to a new publishing strategy, releasing short fiction to win fans.

Nicky, one of Angela’s self-publishing students, reported minimal sales since 2020. “I know many authors in my genre increased their advertising. But after 2020, I couldn’t afford this. So my sales slumped. Nothing worked.”

Nicky used Angela’s Short Fiction Formula program to build her fan base. She says it’s worked for her, and sales continue to improve. “Angela helped me every step of the way. Now I’m confident my publishing program is back on track.”

Angela reports she suggests students focus on Amazon for publishing short fiction to win fans and followers: “Publishing on Amazon works because Amazon has such a huge user base.”

Learn more about Angela’s Your Short Fiction Formula: The Easiest-Ever Writing Process.

About Angela Booth

Veteran copywriter, ghostwriter, and author Angela Booth writes fiction and nonfiction.

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