Make Writing Easier: 3 Free Templates For Fiction And Nonfiction

Wish you could make writing easier?

You can, with the right template.

Struggling with your writing? Get help: download 3 free templates for fiction and nonfiction

Although some writing days are fun, many are torture.

Templates make writing easier, because a template can provide both a starting point, as well as a checklist.

Your free download includes three templates, for:

• Short stories;


• Nonfiction books.

They’re short and simple, but don’t be deceived: they contain the elements you must include in your project.

For example, the basic template for a novel reminds you what needs to happen at each stage of your writing.

The 25% point for example, is the end of the Setup phase of your novel. In a 60,000 word novel, the end of the Setup is at 15,000 words. If you’ve written 18,000 words and haven’t yet introduced the story question, you need to be aware of it before you crash into the dreaded wall.

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Who’s this site for?

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