Instant Publishing Via Your Blog: Keep Customers Updated

Your blog is a form of instant publishing. Imagine how shocked Gutenberg would be if he lived today. You can transmit your words instantly, to people in your neighborhood and all over the globe.

Anyone who wants to know what’s happening in your business just needs to visit your website.

Most of us have felt stressed and disoriented over the past months. One of the biggest challenges for businesses large and small is staying in touch with customers to let them know what’s happening in their business.

I’ve been recommending to clients that they use their blog to stay in touch with customers and suppliers.

Instant publishing: stay in touch via your blog

Your blog has benefits over email:

  • Blog posts are available as soon as you publish them. They won’t get hung up in spam filters;
  • People who want to know what’s happening at your business can review your blog for frequent updates;
  • All your updates are collected in one place.

If you’re using social media to stay in touch, it’s a challenge. Social media posts are ephemeral. If you don’t advertise and do business on a specific network, chances are most of your customers will miss your updates.

Collecting all your status updates on a social media network is challenging too. You’re reduced to using hashtags, with which 99% of your customers are unfamiliar.

Blogs: web logs redux

Back in the day, blogs were “web logs.” Why not use your blog similarly today? It’s an excellent solution in today’s world. Most hosting providers give you “instant”, no-hassle WordPress script installs. You can start a no-frills blog on any site with just a few clicks.

Let’s hope that as the weeks and months pass, we return to normality and your business soars to new heights.

When that happens, remember your instant publishing blog and keep updating it. You’ll be glad you did when the next crisis hits.

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