Fiction Author? Black Friday Specials Available Now

If you’re a fiction author, you know that fiction can be challenging.

This year’s Black Friday special offerings will make writing and publishing fiction easier.

Here they are:

Are you a fiction author? Make writing and publishing (and marketing) easier

2020 has challenged everyone. Our Back Friday offerings aim to help you to position your fiction for a strong finish this year, and a better 2021.

Short Fiction Formula: end 2020 strong

I’m a big believer in short fiction. Readers enjoy short stories and novellas. They’re fast to write and to publish; they can build your name and your following faster than writing novels.

Short fiction has another benefit—your sales can boost your inspiration and confidence.

When a student tells me that he’s stuck on a novel, my usual advice is something like: “Write a short story to clear your mind. By the time you’ve published it, you’ll be in a different mind state.”

You can give your self-publishing career a boost today. Check out Your Short Fiction Formula: The Easiest-Ever Writing Process.

Plot Your Novel In 60 Minutes: end your plotting woes

Hate plotting? I did too, for years on end. Finally I got tired of it—there had to be an easier way.

The “60 minutes” strategy works for both pantsers as well as authors who like to outline.

The strategy is organic. You begin with a single character and his problems. This means that you avoid the “one thing after another” plotting horrors and you never plot yourself into dead ends.

Write more, more enjoyably, when you end plotting trauma with Commercial Fiction Secrets: Plot Your Novel In 60 Minutes Or Less.

Make 2021 YOUR year as a fiction author

In a few weeks, we’ll leave 2020 behind (thank heavens.)

If you’re a fiction author take this opportunity end this year on a high note. How many short stories could you publish in the next four weeks? 🙂

Check out the Black Friday offerings now; they end on Monday, November 30.