Content Creation: SEO For Beginners And Latest SEO News

Looking for ways to improve content creation for your freelance writing clients? Today’s writers struggle to keep up with challenges in Search engine optimization (SEO.)

Just on its own, SEO can be a challenge. You can find yourself struggling with the needs of your readers as well as the needs of search engines.

As for keeping up with the latest news in SEO? Rarely does a week go by without changes in Google’s algorithm or in social media’s demands.

I hope you find this SEO news roundup useful.

Before we get to that, if you’re a beginner learning about SEO, how do you get started on your learning journey?

Content creation beginner: get started with SEO

If you’re a newbie, Moz’s The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is excellent. Moz began life as SEOMoz, then became Moz several years ago.

Moz’s guide won’t overwhelm you. As a content creator, Chapter 4: On-Page SEO is a vital chapter.

Aaron Wall’s SEOBook also has a good guide for beginners, check out: 7 Days to SEO Success.

Before we get into content creation and SEO news, consider this BIG tip for freelance writers for writing content as well as doing SEO research. Search engine optimization is a huge and complex field. Therefore, comprehensive SEO research to write a single webpage can take hours. It’s essential to charge for this research time.

Freelancer writer? Beware… SEO takes time. Charge for your time

I’ve often worked with writers who spend three hours on SEO research for a client before writing a piece of content which took an hour. Since “research” is amorphous, they didn’t know how long their research would take, so they didn’t add research-time into their quote.

Please, to repeat because it’s important: always charge for your research time.

One of the benefits of working with an agency rather than directly with clients is that usually the SEO research has been done.

Onward to the news.

Content creation and SEO: Google roll outs; seasonal marketing

Yet another Google update.

Following Google’s early June core update, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) reports: Google Rolls Out New Spam Algorithm Update:

The rollout of the update will conclude today, June 23, 2021. A second spam update will follow next week.

Exact details were not provided about this specific update. Though Google regularly rolls out spam updates to maintain the quality of its search results.

Why are core updates important? According to Barry Schwartz, part two of Google’s June core update arrives in July. He says:

Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithms, it means that your site can do better or worse in the search results.

On another note… Too early to think about the upcoming holidays and content creation? Not so.

In Here’s how you can master your next seasonal digital marketing campaign, Ann Smarty suggests:

Summer is a slow season for many businesses, especially those in a B2B niche. If things are a bit slow for you now, here’s an idea – Use these quiet months to turn your next big season into a huge boost for your business.

A tip for you if you’re a freelancer involved in content creation: suggest to your clients that you get started on creating seasonal assets now.

Content creation and trust: think “E-A-T”

In Demonstrating E-A-T: Tactics to implement, and avoid, for greater search visibility, Lily Ray defines E-A-T as expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

She says:

Demonstrating a high degree of E-A-T not only improves your chances of ranking higher on relevant queries, it also helps to insulate your site from taking a dip in visibility after a core update…

I like the concept of E-A-T; think about how you might use this idea with your freelance clients.

Your content calendar: an essential content creation (and SEO) tool

Content creators live by their content calendar. If you’ve worked on a large content team, you know that your calendar is essential an essential tool. It tells you what’s coming up and what you need to be working on right now.

Your content calendar is also an essential SEO tool. You need to know how you’re ranking for desired terms so you can assess any changes—read about Google’s core updates, above.

Semrush’s 3 Content Calendar Examples for All Your Content Needs gives you useful ideas for creating your own calendar.

Are you a content creation and SEO beginner?

Please don’t be intimidated. Yes, there’s a lot to learn, and keep learning, but the benefits are huge. Onward. Have fun. 🙂

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