Confident Writer: 3 Strategies To Build Morale And Positivity

It’s time to become a confident writer. In these days of uncertainty and turmoil, many people feel disoriented and stressed.

It’s natural to feel anxious; even scared. However, we’re writers. We communicate. It’s our job (and our privilege) to boost morale and positivity wherever and whenever we can.

We can build confidence in ourselves and then, in others.

The confident writer: distance yourself from the fear virus

Avoid reading and watching fear-instigating and fear-building materials from the same individuals and companies which bring you clickbait.

Remember that every word you read (and to which you listen) has an agenda behind it. When you read a headline, ask yourself: whose agenda is this? Why?

(Avoid writing fear clickbait too.)

Fear clickbait isn’t helpful. It causes fear to spread, just like a virus. In Australia, and elsewhere, fear leads to activities like food hoarding and criminal profiteering.

Follow the advice put out by health professionals and share it. Decide that you’ll be confident. Think for yourself. Aim to build morale. You can do it.

Let’s look at some strategies.

1. Ask yourself: “how can I help?”

As the saying goes, bloom where you are. Your children look to you for comfort; be confident. They’ll take their cue from you. Check what they’re watching and reading.

Stay in touch with family, friends and neighbors.

Help where and when you can.

Be polite. Be kind. Smile.

2. Use your writing to manage your stress

Journaling lowers stress levels, and improves your overall health. Dump your worries and stresses into your journal: you’ll free your creativity.

3. Weed your social media garden: remove negativity and fear

Avoid “the sky is falling” folk. The sky isn’t falling—and if it does, you’ll handle it.

Perform a test on your social media activities. Read for ten minutes. Do you feel better, or worse? If you feel worse, it’s time for a social media detox.

You’re a confident writer: believe that all is well, because it is

Choose to be confident: boost morale and positivity—and write. 🙂

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