ChatGPT And Others: Can AI Improve Your Writing?

Over the past weeks, I’ve received a slew of questions from former and current students about ChatGPT and how AI apps will affect professional writers.

Writers are concerned.

Are we all doomed?

Questions include:

  • Will our clients desert us?
  • Can AI write fiction, and will readers stop reading our novels?
  • What should we tell clients who ask us to use AI? Most concerning: what about copyright, and the legalities of AI? If a client asks us to create social media and other content using AI, are we on the hook if the client is sued?
  • (Most importantly) Can AI help us and improve our writing?

The advantages of ChatGPT etc depend on what you’re doing

Firstly, please be aware that I have extremely limited experience with AI text and image generators. I’ve only played around with them.

Currently I use them as a jazzed-up version of Google, for initial exploration into things like keywords, hashtags, and personas, and to translate snippets of text.

The text that ChatGPT generates in response to prompts is unsurprisingly generic, and bland, but I can see non-writers and business people using it as a standard utility. That is, to answer queries to their Help desk, and for other day to day tasks.

As far as artificial intelligence in general is concerned; I know very little about it. There’s a huge amount of hyped-up material in mass media. No doubt much of the input for the articles and discussions comes from companies which develop AI, and have a vested interest.

That said, I’ve played around with AI in apps, and in OpenAI’s hugely popular ChatGPT, because I know it’s not going away.

Will it help you to build your writing career? At this point, if you’re a professional writer or author, AI apps may help you to get things done faster, but it all depends on what you’re writing.

For basic research, it’s quick and easy.

Experiment with it, because to repeat: it’s not going away.

AI learns, and gets better: it’s not going away

When discussing ChatGPT, several of my friends have taken against it in a big way. I empathize, but we need to get used to it. AI will change what we do, what our clients do, and much more.

Admittedly, I need to force myself to remember to use AI, so I can experiment with it, because it’s not important to me at the moment. However, we’re writers, so we need to know what’s going on, and get familiar.

Refusing to recognize AI at all is pointless. It’s here, it’s popular, and our own opinion will change of it will change over time, and with experience. To get back to the question: can AI improve help you to improve your writing?

ChatGPT: can it improve your writing?

If you’re a beginning writer, yes. It will help you with basics, such as structure, research (but not for complicated and important topics such as health however), content ideas, and so on.

Some writers maintain it helps them to write faster. It may well do, because again, it depends on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and for whom. As with all writing, everything depends on your own ingenuity, your experience, creativity, and application.

“Writing” is a huge area. You never stop learning, and learning itself helps you improve your writing. AI is something else to learn.

As always, have fun with it. 🙂

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