Write A Book: Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

You want to write a book, but not now: you’ll start later, when you have more time. Many beginning authors never get started, because writing a book seems too complicated. They tell themselves stories like: “I don’t have enough time…” “After I do all my research…” “No one will buy my book anyway, so what’s the point?” Want to write … Read more

A Writing Journal: 3 Tips To Ease Stress And Improve Your Writing

Here’s a question I’ve been asking my stressed-out students: “Do you keep a writing journal?” Over the years, I’ve found that journaling: Reduces stress; Enhances productivity, so that you get more done in less time; Helps with overall creativity. Why journal NOW? In a word, stress. While we’re isolating ourselves, stress is a big challenge. We’re not in control; this … Read more

Short Fiction Workshop: Available Now (New)

Your Short Fiction Formula: The Easiest-Ever Writing Process (Workshop)

Over the past few years I’ve received lots of questions about writing and selling short fiction. I’ve answered as many questions as I could in blog posts. Here’s why I tell you about short fiction. Not only do I adore writing short stories and novellas, but they pay well and they’re fast to create. I woke up this morning with … Read more