Write More, More Easily: An Easy Strategy To Try Today

What could you achieve if you chose to write more? I’m fond of saying that you can overcome any writing challenge by writing more. You might: Get more writing commissions, if you contacted your freelance clients regularly; Sell more books, if you’re a self-publishing author; Develop a lucrative side hustle based on writing, if you’d like to become a full-time … Read more

Creative Strategy: 4 Ways To Write When You Think You Can’t

Can’t write? Every creative person suffers from major and minor blocks. You need a creative strategy to deal with yours. By the way, everyone (whether you consider yourself a writer or not) suffers creative resistance. If you’re convinced you “can’t write,” that’s resistance. A creative strategy helps you to write, even if you’re convinced you can’t Unfortunately, if you’re a … Read more

A Weird Trick To Use For Your Writing (It’s Easy)

Want a weird trick for your writing? The trick works, for any kind of writing, whether you’re writing fiction, creating content, blogging… It’s great for copywriting, when you need to get out of your own head, and think like your audience. The trick makes writing easier, because: You can do it in five minutes or less; It’s super-simple; and (most … Read more

Writing Process: Brandon Sanderson’s Excellent Kickstarter

How’s your writing process? I’m asking because I first heard about novelist Brandon Sanderson’s amazing success on Kickstarter a few days ago, while skimming Yahoo News. At that stage, his Kickstarter (KS) campaign for his four secret novels was at $31 million. “Secret”… as a copywriter, I LOVE it. What a brilliant tactic to arouse people’s interest, curiosity, and imagination. … Read more

Content Creation Ideas: 3 Tips For An Instant Creativity Boost

Content Creation Ideas: 3 Tips For An Instant Creativity Boost

Need some quick ideas for content creation? No matter how creative you are, everyone has days when the ideas won’t come. Every idea you consider seems trite. Your head’s stuffed full of cotton wool. To ensure that you can create content anytime, anywhere, create your own Content Idea Bank. Instant content creation ideas: create a Content Idea Bank A Content … Read more