A Writing Journal: 3 Tips To Ease Stress And Improve Your Writing

Here’s a question I’ve been asking my stressed-out students: “Do you keep a writing journal?” Over the years, I’ve found that journaling: Reduces stress; Enhances productivity, so that you get more done in less time; Helps with overall creativity. Why journal NOW? In a word, stress. While we’re isolating ourselves, stress is a big challenge. We’re not in control; this … Read more

How To Outline Your Writing: 3 Easy Tricks You Need Today

Wish you knew how to outline your writing? Whenever I use the word “outline” to my students, I know a couple of people in the group will sigh and look as if they wish they were somewhere else. Anywhere else. To eliminate the panic, I suggest to my students that they substitute the word “map” for “outline.” A map: Orients … Read more

Writing Tips: Outline Fiction The Easy Way

You’re frustrated with your fiction. Perhaps you need some writing tips to help you to outline your fiction because you’re like me, a natural-born pantser. (A “pantser” is someone who prefers to write by the seat of his pants; sans outline.)   Writing tips for fiction authors who hate outlines Hate outlines? I know many authors do, because I often … Read more