New Writer: 3 Ways To Get Inspired And Write

Are you a new writer? You may be wondering whether a writing career is for you because you can’t get started. Although you have ideas that seem brilliant, when you sit at your computer nothing happens. Start by building a writing habit. New writer? Build a writing habit You need a routine. When you have a routine, writing fits into … Read more

Plot Fiction: Insider Tips For Hot-Selling Series

When I help new authors to plot fiction, I suggest that they consider writing a series, rather than a single novel. Series sell. Moreover, a series of novels can be infinitely easier to write than the same number of standalone novels. With a series, once you’ve decided on the series’ parameters and choose the series’ voice, you’re good to go. … Read more

Write A Book: Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

You want to write a book, but not now: you’ll start later, when you have more time. Many beginning authors never get started, because writing a book seems too complicated. They tell themselves stories like: “I don’t have enough time…” “After I do all my research…” “No one will buy my book anyway, so what’s the point?” Want to write … Read more