Business Blogging: Get Profitable Gigs When You Create Them Yourself

After a few years in the wilderness, business blogging is back. Interested in getting decent-paying blog-writing gigs from companies? Here are some B2B stats to inspire you. (B2B is business to business.) You may wonder WHY companies are paying attention to business blogging once more. Business blogging: as advertising costs increase, blogging provides value Why do companies see value in … Read more

Freelance Writing: 4 Ideas To Boost Your Business In 2021

Is your freelance writing business in a rut? You’ve got clients, but you feel as if you should be doing better… Or perhaps you’re new at the freelancing game, and wonder how you can get more and better clients. Consider that your success may be less about writing, and more about business. Here’s why I say that it’s less about … Read more

Freelance Writing: Build An Amazing Writing Business In 2021

Ready to boot (or reboot) your freelance writing career? Your successful business depends on your mindset: a business mindset. Freelance writing: make it a business, rather than a hobby More than anything else, successful freelancing is a mindset. It’s understanding that the wonderful clients who NEED you are waiting for you now. And deciding that you will serve them to … Read more

Professional Writing: 3 Tips To Kickstart 2020

We’re continuing our theme of getting your business ready for success in 2020. A couple of readers asked about transitioning their professional writing activities from relying on the freelance marketplaces to attracting their own clients. I gave the readers some tips, but in a nutshell, I encouraged them to get visible, not only online, but also in their local community. … Read more

Your Writing Business In 2020: Create Your Plan Now

What’s your business model for your writing? Perhaps you’ve created a self-publishing business, or a content creation business. You may be an infopreneur: someone who makes money from information in various ways. The term “infopreneur” comes from H. Skip Weitzen’s 1988 book, Infopreneurs: Turning Data Into Dollars. Alternatively if you’re a newbie starting to make money from your writing, you … Read more