ChatGPT And Others: Can AI Improve Your Writing?

Over the past weeks, I’ve received a slew of questions from former and current students about ChatGPT and how AI apps will affect professional writers. Writers are concerned. Are we all doomed? Questions include: Will our clients desert us? Can AI write fiction, and will readers stop reading our novels? What should we tell clients who ask us to use … Read more

Copywriting Tips: 4 Vital Strategies To Increase Sales

Today, every writer needs basic copywriting tips, because your writing must get results. Copywriting is writing to persuade, and sell. “Copy” is used for a copywriter’s creations: marketing and advertising materials. Copywriting means writing clearly, for a purpose. You start by thinking like your audience. So, even if you write fiction, you need to think like a copywriter, because you … Read more

Freelance Writing Gigs On LinkedIn: 2 Savvy Starter Tips

If you’re looking for freelance writing gigs and think about social media, you focus on the sites you know: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everyone you know is on Facebook, and if you’re a self-publishing author, you love Instagram. Twitter’s useful too, for quick chats. But what about LinkedIn? Perhaps, like me, you’ve looked at the professional networking site as too … Read more

Your Solopreneur Website: 5 Tips To Use It To Boost Your Business

You’re a solopreneur. As many creative folk do, you run your business on your own. Indeed, you may even have a couple of businesses—you’re a self-publishing author, let’s say, as well as a graphic designer. One of my friends has a copywriting business, as well as a bookkeeping sideline. When I conducted an informal email poll with my students, not … Read more