Freelance Writer: 3 Steps From Aspiring Writer To Pro

Have you wondered whether you could get started as a freelance writer? Over the past months, I’ve received many questions from aspiring writers. These questions boil down to: how do you get started? How do you get your first client? Get started as a freelance writer today Companies and people hire writers every day. In Your Writing Side Hustle: 4 … Read more

Outlining Fiction: 3 Tips To Make It Easy

Do you find outlining fiction a challenge? Many authors do. Authors want to: Hook readers from the first page… This makes the first scene important; it freezes authors into endless procrastination; Avoid reader-boredom in the sagging middle of their novel, so procrastination strikes again. Outlining fiction: the most important tip Please don’t let your inner editor take charge, telling you … Read more