AI News: ChatGPT Plugins And The ChatGPT App For iOS

In AI news this week, OpenAI’s ChatGPT enabled web browsing for Plus users, as well as a slew of plugins. And more: OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT app for iOS. (If you’re on Android, no worries, the Android app is coming soon.) The iOS app looks like fun because it includes Whisper, which gives you text-to-speech capabilities: no more transcribing interviews. … Read more

AI And Writing: Time For Writers To Upskill To A New World?

Spooky. If you’ve been hoping that AI would just go away and leave you to write in peace, recent news stories suggest that it might be time to pay attention. And upskill. I’m not suggesting that you use ChatGPT or a similar generative text AI tool to do your writing for you. If you’re a professional writer, you know better, … Read more

Content Creation: SEO For Beginners And Latest SEO News

Looking for ways to improve content creation for your freelance writing clients? Today’s writers struggle to keep up with challenges in Search engine optimization (SEO.) Just on its own, SEO can be a challenge. You can find yourself struggling with the needs of your readers as well as the needs of search engines. As for keeping up with the latest … Read more