Your Writing Income In 2022: Here’s How To Boost It Fast

It’s time to think about your writing income in 2022. Here’s why: there’s a big chance you’re earning much less than you could. As a group, freelancers are underpaid. Additionally, they’re either overworked, or are struggling to find work. Something to be aware of … Your writing income is your CHOICE There’s no ceiling on your income as a freelance … Read more

Freelance Writing Beginner? 2 Tips To Ensure Your Success

Want to succeed at freelance writing? Kudos to you. I sincerely envy you the journey you’re undertaking: I wish I were starting out today. Your opportunities today are truly unlimited. It’s a big wonderful world for today’s wordsmiths. Here’s my first and best tip: consider yourself a business owner, with all that that entails; also consider that there are two … Read more

Professional Writer? Survive The Holiday Season

You’re a professional writer, but… here come the holidays. Parties and more parties, celebrations with relatives you haven’t seen all year, and shopping marathons at the mall. Are you looking forward to it all? If you are, that’s great. On the other hand, maybe you’re cringing at the thought. One of my friends split from his partner in June; he … Read more

60-Minute Writing Sales: Get Creative With These Easy Strategies

A former ghostwriting student called me to chat. Her sister wants to make writing sales as a side hustle. “She’s looking for projects she could complete in an evening. Any ideas?” Of course I have ideas… 😉 Quick writing sales: projects you can complete fast A tip: pay attention to writing chores people dislike doing. You can turn these into … Read more