Professional Writing Tip: Embrace Failure, It Builds Your Success

Here’s my writing tip of the week: keep writing until you succeed. Failure is only feedback—and failure is the only way you’ll succeed. You can’t avoid failure, so embrace it. I’m offering this insight to you because I’ve had a week of writers telling me that whatever they’re doing (self-publishing, content marketing, blogging etc) “isn’t working.” One self-publishing author said: … Read more

Get Motivated: Your Way Is The Right Way

Do you doubt yourself? Can’t get motivated? Maybe you’re following someone else’s rules for creativity, and they’re not right for you. If you can’t get motivated to write, consider which rule you’re trying to follow Maybe it’s not your rule at all. Is it: “Best practice”; What “everyone” does; (A loud, nagging inner voice, which sounds a lot like your … Read more

Generate Ideas: 3 Creative Ways To Develop Fresh Ideas

If you’re a writer or marketer, you’re on an endless hunt to generate ideas. They might be ideas for: client projects, nonfiction books, blog posts, novels, short stories… In order to do this, you need time. To generate ideas, you need time for research and thinking From Inc.’s excellent article, 7 Ways to Generate Great Ideas: Great ideas won’t happen … Read more

Achieve Your Goals: 3 Tips To Use Writing To Get What You Want

Words are powerful; use them to achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll look at three tips to use writing to get what you want: Define your goal—make it clear to yourself; Ask questions, firstly of yourself, then of others; Communicate until you get what you want. Writing is powerful. When Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote his play Cardinal Richelieu in 1839, … Read more