Prelaunch: First Scene Guidance

A quick note: First Scene Guidance is in its prelaunch period.

This new guidance program is for you if:

  • You know your novel should be selling, but it’s not;
  • You’re ready to give up on a novel you started with high hopes;
  • What?! You’ll know what this is, when you feel it. You’re uneasily certain there’s something wrong with your novel but you’re not sure what it could be.

Prelaunch extends until October 30.

Check it out. And enjoy. 🙂

Write A Novel: 4 Tips To Achieve NaNoWriMo Success

Can YOU write a novel this November? It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo again. If you’re writing fiction, I hope these success tips will help you, whether or not you’re participating in NaNoWriMo. Let’s start with the most vital activity for any author… Write a novel one word and one minute at a time Here’s what I know after almost 40 … Read more

Weekly Offerings: Your Short Fiction Formula

This week’s offering: Your Short Fiction Formula: The Easiest-Ever Writing Process.

Imagine getting an idea for a short story one morning and publishing it that afternoon. This workshop is packed with tips, tricks and strategies to help you to make short fiction part of your publishing plans.

BTW, I’ve had lots of questions about Christmas sales ideas for fiction. Why not write a short story a week over the next eight weeks? Whether you’re a new author or established, writing short stories is a great way to promote your fiction while making sales.

I’ve already started my “story a week” plan for the holiday sales season: join me.

This special offering is available for one week, until Sunday, October 18.

Organic Plotting A Series: Grow Your Plot While You Write

Wish plotting your fiction could be easier? If you’re struggling with plotting, try organic plotting. It’s my preferred plotting strategy and works brilliantly, especially if you’re writing a series. A couple of readers asked for plotting help. One reader has numerous unfinished novels: “I get to 20 pages and lose interest.” The other reader is ready to give up writing: … Read more