Blog Research For Success: Find Blog Niches Fast

Did you know that blog research is essential for success if you want to create a successful blog? Not only do you need to explore potential blog niches, you also need to explore your potential audience, and monetization options. Over my 20-plus years of blogging, I’ve seen many bloggers tossing away time and money on blogs which won’t succeed. Before … Read more

Instant Publishing Via Your Blog: Keep Customers Updated

Your blog is a form of instant publishing. Imagine how shocked Gutenberg would be if he lived today. You can transmit your words instantly, to people in your neighborhood and all over the globe. Anyone who wants to know what’s happening in your business just needs to visit your website. Most of us have felt stressed and disoriented over the … Read more

Freelance Blogging: Tips To Streamline Your Services

Freelance blogging is back. How many clients have you won in the past six months? In January, Tim, a hardworking freelancer and former student, told me he’d signed up six new clients in ten days. Sadly, the virus turmoil has affected many freelancers’ clients. With their businesses closed, clients have cancelled contracts. Tim’s concerned about lost clients, but he’s using … Read more

Your Writing Blog: It’s A Sample Of What You Do

“Is a writing blog still important?” I receive a version of this question frequently. It might be phrased as: “(Someone or other) said that blogs don’t work.” Or “How can my blog help me to: get more clients/ sell more books/ build my platform…?” Blogging has changed enormously since I started my first blogs in the late 1990s, but the … Read more

Writing On Medium: Writer’s Block; Choose Your Income

A week ago I wrote about beginning a three-month experiment writing on Medium. I’ve written Medium posts on most days this past week. Check them out on my profile page. Several readers have asked about Medium’s paywall and how it works. Basically the paywall is there so Medium can pay writers. From the Help section: Readers on Medium who aren’t … Read more