Blogging? Try These Easy Templates To Up Your Content Game

Blogging is getting real respect today. You can use a blog to promote your career or to sell your books. If you enjoy it, you can blog for grateful clients.

As easy as it is to create a blog, building and maintaining it can be a challenge. You’ve guessed the biggest challenge, I’m sure.

Blogging: the biggest challenge is…

Over the years I’ve coached many web writers, marketers and bloggers. Hands down, everyone’s biggest challenge is always to maintain a content creation schedule.

That’s not surprising, because it’s a challenge for veteran writers too. Not only does life get in the way, so that we end up scrambling to write, but it’s easy to lose your inspiration and get bored.

You can eliminate boredom by changing your content style with templates.

Feeling uninspired? Get motivated with content templates

Blogging templates will pull you out of a slump.

Over the years, I’ve created many templates for students, and I keep a list of templates when blogging for clients.

Students asked me to create a PDF of my favorite templates so here you go. I hope you find them as useful as I do — I often find myself consulting my list of templates when I’m developing a list of content I’ll be creating each month.

When you’re creating content be sure to set goals for each piece.

Tip: set goals for your content

Let’s say that you’re an author and you have three books coming out over the next 12 months. Your goal is to create content to promote those books.

You could create a content plan, consisting of:

  • One blog post a week on your own blog;
  • One blog post a month as a guest blogger;
  • Five tweets a week;
  • Etc

I hope you enjoy these templates. Have fun blogging. 🙂

Blogging Mastery 2020: 16 Content Templates You Can Use Today

If you’re not achieving the goals you set for your content, you need options. Try these content templates to spice up your blogging. Use them for your own content, as well as for clients.

Whether you’re a new blogger, or a veteran, you’ll love these blogging templates.