Blogging: 5 Easy Tips To Create Posts, No Matter What

Are you freelance blogging? Perhaps you want to develop your small business blog.

Either way, when you’re blogging, you need to create, even if you’re feeling uninspired. Your mood comes through in your creations, so reigniting your inspiration is essential.

Firstly, relax. Although you feel like procrastinating, or running away, inspiration is lurking in your archives. You were inspired once: you can get that feeling back.

Is blogging a chore? Explore your archives

No blog archives?

Use what you have, even if it’s email messages, or your journal. You’ll find that before too many minutes have passed, something will arouse your curiosity, and curiosity is a form of inspiration.

Thinking about your payoff helps too.

1. What’s the payoff for you? Discover your “why”

If you’re blogging as a freelancer, your “why” is simple: you took the gig, you have deadlines. Ask yourself why you need to meet those deadlines, then write down the answer. (Always write things down; it helps.)

On the other hand, if you’re building your own blog, it’s because you have goals. Revisit them. Has the payoff changed? How has your business developed because you’re creating content?

Still not inspired? Use images.

2. When words are too hard, start with an image

Studies show that art inspires creativity. Images trigger your subconscious mind:

Images are powerful. Great art arouses emotions. You can use images to trigger your imaginative mind state.

Explore Pinterest, or use an image editor to create images.

Mind maps help too:

A mind map helps you to become more creative and innovative… (and) develop unexpected ideas. Whenever you run out of ideas, or your thinking is stale and predictable, create a mind map.

3. Create a quick product: your inspiration will build

When you create, your creativity builds. You may have noticed that when you’re writing, fresh ideas arrive. This can be distracting, because new ideas are tempting.

Try creating a product.

In Blogging Income: Create A Product And Sell It In 24 Hours, I shared a process Team Up members used. It works, so give it a try.

Of course, you don’t need to create something to sell.

You can create:

  • An email sequence to onboard new clients; or
  • A newsletter for current clients.

4. Use what you have: repurpose blog posts

Your archives help you to rediscover your inspiration.

If you have them, they help in another way. You can repurpose them to create fresh content.

For example:

  • Try using elements from a list article to create fresh content. With ten items in a list, you can create ten new blog posts;
  • Turn one or more blog posts into a presentation. Offer the presentation as a free download, or sell it;
  • Compile an ebook from several posts; publish it as an ebook on Kindle Direct Publishing, or offer it as a download. Hunting blogging gigs? Offer the ebook to prospective clients.

5. Move about: create on the go

You can get inspired on your daily walk. Perhaps you feel creative when you visit your favorite coffee shop.

A writer friend conducts her entire content marketing business from her iPad—she uses Ulysses, but doesn’t own a Mac.

Another friend uses her phone to write novels.

Check out the app store for your brand of phone; you’ll find apps to help you to write and create anywhere.

You can find blogging inspiration in unexpected places

I’m always interested in marketing and copywriting, so I take snaps on my phone wherever I happen to be, even if it’s only the local supermarket.

Later, I browse the images for inspiration.

What inspires you? Share your tips on social media.

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