Write A Novella: Want To Write Short Fiction? (Novella Series 1)

Want to write a novella? Many authors are uncertain about them; this is a shame, because novellas are a powerful tool in your publishing toolbox. Questions I received included: What’s the difference between a novel and novella? How do I promote a novella? Can I turn this short story into a novella? All good questions. So, I think it’s worth … Read more

Professional Writing: 3 Tips To Kickstart 2020

We’re continuing our theme of getting your business ready for success in 2020. A couple of readers asked about transitioning their professional writing activities from relying on the freelance marketplaces to attracting their own clients. I gave the readers some tips, but in a nutshell, I encouraged them to get visible, not only online, but also in their local community. … Read more

Writing Tips: Outline Fiction The Easy Way

You’re frustrated with your fiction. Perhaps you need some writing tips to help you to outline your fiction because you’re like me, a natural-born pantser. (A “pantser” is someone who prefers to write by the seat of his pants; sans outline.)   Writing tips for fiction authors who hate outlines Hate outlines? I know many authors do, because I often … Read more

Your Writing Business In 2020: Create Your Plan Now

What’s your business model for your writing? Perhaps you’ve created a self-publishing business, or a content creation business. You may be an infopreneur: someone who makes money from information in various ways. The term “infopreneur” comes from H. Skip Weitzen’s 1988 book, Infopreneurs: Turning Data Into Dollars. Alternatively if you’re a newbie starting to make money from your writing, you … Read more

How To Plot A Novella: 3 Tips

How To Plot A Novella: 3 Tips

Want to plot a novella? Avoid complex, multi-layered plots. How to plot a novella: keep it simple Think of a novella as a stripped-down version of a novel. If you were writing a novel you’d have time to write leisurely scenes, expand on minor characters, create a subplot or two… in a novella, you need to stick to the point. … Read more