Blog Research For Success: Find Blog Niches Fast

Did you know that blog research is essential for success if you want to create a successful blog? Not only do you need to explore potential blog niches, you also need to explore your potential audience, and monetization options.

Over my 20-plus years of blogging, I’ve seen many bloggers tossing away time and money on blogs which won’t succeed.

Before you even think of buying a domain name, please research.

Blog research isn’t optional if you want to succeed

The biggest challenge when I’m mentoring a new blogger is encouraging him to take a few easy steps before he leaps forward. Without research, his leap forward will take him right off a cliff.

Way back when, from around 2003 to 2010, you could research keywords and create a blog and be sure that you could make money. Over those years, I created hundreds of blogs, because… why not? It was fun and easy.

That world has long gone.

According to Techjury:

WordPress users produce about 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments monthly in 2020.

That’s just WordPress. Although WordPress is popular, it’s not the only platform. So, there’s lots of competition for attention.

Blog research made simple, step by step

When you’re doing your research, start by studying blog niches, and finding the perfect niche for you.

Let’s go through your fast and easy research process in two steps.

1. Blog niches: choose a niche you enjoy (and which makes money)

You may be wondering, what’s a “niche”?

A niche is a subset of existing market. For example, “dogs” can be looked on as a market. Dog owners spend money on their pets, but if you wanted to start a blog about dogs, you’d have huge competition and the chances that you’d make any money are slim.

You’d need to find a subset—a niche—of the enormous dog market.

Niche down… and down…

The dog market has many thousands of niches. Think about areas like: dog training, dog food, dog toys, and so on. These areas are too broad to consist of a real niche. You need to divide these areas even further.

For example, the dog training area is divided into many smaller markets, which are real niches. These include: obedience training, training for specific breeds like German Shepherds and Poodles, and dog training products.

Do you see what you’re doing here? You’re taking a market, and you’re subdividing it. As long as people are spending money in the big market, they’ll be spending money in the smaller subsets of this market. Those subsets—niches—are lucrative, and are comparatively easy to enter.

2. Who’s spending money? On what?

Once you’ve chosen a niche, you need to consider who’s spending money in that niche, and on what.

Let’s say you’re interested in creating a “health and beauty” blog. That’s not a niche, you need to dive into subsets. 

Here’s a fast way to speed up the process. Do a search engine News search, for “beauty products new”.

As you can see from the image, I just did the “beauty products new” search.

Before we go on…

A big tip about searching and search engines and their targeting: LOG OUT of Google before you do your searches. Google targets search results to what it thinks you want. (It knows a lot about you.)

I didn’t bother logging out of Google for my searches for this article, because they’re just examples. If I were doing serious search, I’d make sure I logged out of Google, and out of Microsoft 365 when using Bing.

OK. End of digression.

Look at the top results in the image above:

  • Subscription boxes
  • Smart skin-care devices
  • Lip gloss oil

If I were thinking about a new health and beauty blog, I’d start investigating “smart skin-care devices.”

Here’s why:

  1. Those gizmos are expensive, so even if you solely promoted Amazon and eBay products as an affiliate, you’d make a money in that area;
  2. “New”: nothing sells like the word new, except sale price. There’s a mile of new gizmos and existing ones you could promote in the niche;
  3. There’s lots of big sites promoting “smart skin care devices” (if you do a search, you’ll see.) This means there’s money to be made in the niche.

Blog research: fun, easy and ESSENTIAL

The “create it and they will come” days of blogging may be gone. However, it’s easier to make money blogging today, because even itty bitty niches have buyers willing to spend money.

All it takes is a little exploring before you leap.

And although there’s much more to blog research than these steps, take them, because they’ll set you on a path to profit. Have fun. 🙂

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