Writing Fiction: 3 Tips To Do It Your Way

Are you writing fiction? Lately I’ve received many more questions about fiction. Most of them can be answered in four words: do it your way. Writing fiction without rules Questions: I don’t know how to… But what if… I can’t write (something or other)… Someone said that… To repeat: do it your way. Every novel and short story you write … Read more

A Writing Journal: 3 Tips To Ease Stress And Improve Your Writing

Here’s a question I’ve been asking my stressed-out students: “Do you keep a writing journal?” Over the years, I’ve found that journaling: Reduces stress; Enhances productivity, so that you get more done in less time; Helps with overall creativity. Why journal NOW? In a word, stress. While we’re isolating ourselves, stress is a big challenge. We’re not in control; this … Read more

Freelance Writing: Stay Creative And Rebuild Your Business

Are you facing the rebuilding of your freelance writing business? Many of the freelance writers with whom I’ve chatted over the past few weeks are struggling with cancelled gigs and clients who’ve shuttered their businesses. Although it seems Pollyanna-ish to say: “you’ll soon be back, bigger and better than ever,” a positive attitude is vital. Believe in yourself. Pray: prayer … Read more

Writing Fiction: How To Incorporate Brilliant New Ideas

Ideas are seductive, especially when you’re writing fiction. They can be dangerous too, during your first draft. If you revise while writing your first draft you might get into such a tangle that you never complete your novel. A couple of weeks back, an author asked: “is it essential to write my first draft straight through? I’ve got a couple … Read more

Writing Fiction: 4 Tips To Build Narrative Drive (Suspense)

You’re writing fiction. Would you like to write a page-turner, that is, a novel which keeps your reader up long after his bedtime? Of course you would. Let’s look at how to do that. Whatever genre you’re writing, be it a cozy mystery, or science fiction, or even a literary novel, you need suspense to keep readers reading. “Suspense” is … Read more