Confident Writer: 3 Strategies To Build Morale And Positivity

It’s time to become a confident writer. In these days of uncertainty and turmoil, many people feel disoriented and stressed. It’s natural to feel anxious; even scared. However, we’re writers. We communicate. It’s our job (and our privilege) to boost morale and positivity wherever and whenever we can. We can build confidence in ourselves and then, in others. The confident … Read more

Work From Home: 5 Steps For Relaxed Productivity

We’re living in uncertain times. Have you been asked to work from home? Perhaps you’re a writer who’s already working from home, but it’s become extremely challenging: your children may be at home with you, for example. A former student, Mandy, sent me a message: “I’m working from home—or trying to. My parents have come to stay, my kids are … Read more

Writing Fiction: 4 Ways To Find Bestselling Ideas

You’re writing fiction and you’re aware that your idea trumps everything. If you doubt this, check the bestseller lists. Readers decide in seconds whether or not they want to read your novel, based on your title, cover and blurb. Extra points if your idea is controversial and/ or shocking. Novels like The Exorcist were shocking in their day. Writing fiction: … Read more