AI News: Try ChatGPT’s New Free Web Browsing, And A Docs Assistant

Let’s look at the latest in AI news this week.

Big: OpenAI has partnered with Microsoft to use Bing as a web browsing tool in ChatGPT. That brings a world of new users to Bing and the coming artificial intelligence wars with Google will be fun to watch.

So what’s new with Google’s Bard?

Image search. Bard can now give you images in its responses.

Bard brings you images

The biggest AI news: Bing and ChatGPT

If you choose to include web browsing in a ChatGPT GPT-4 chat, you’re good to go. The Verge reports:

The new search functionality will be rolling out to ChatGPT Plus users today and will be enabled for all free ChatGPT users soon through a plug-in in ChatGPT.

This means that ChatGPT is now up to the minute, so to speak. No more limitations; it now matches Bard’s browsing capabilities.

Speaking of Google, if you use Google Docs or Sheets, you’ll like this artificial intelligence assistant.

Simplify: use ChatGPT within Google Docs and Sheets (for free)

GPT for Sheets™ and Docs™ brings artificial intelligence into your workflow.

Check out the Install page:

You can use it for all sorts of tasks on text: writing, editing, extracting, cleaning, translating, summarizing, outlining, explaining, etc.

It gives you lots of use cases for both Docs and Sheets. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll do so later today; I use Sheets regularly; Docs occasionally for clients.

You’ll need your OpenAI API key for this app; you can find it in User Settings.

AI news and pushback: use artificial intelligence to enhance your creativity

Many creative folk are still vehemently against anything to do with artificial intelligence. I’ve had several messages denigrating AI tools. One message was over a thousand words; time wasted. Most people are aware of the dangers.

And there’s a bright side:

(AI)… can help to make running our business easier. Apps like ChatGPT are spawning new niches, products, and even entire fields.

Creative tools like Canva and many other apps now offer AI assistance. It’s not going away. Use it.

Happy writing and creating. 🙂

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