AI In Your Favorite Writing Apps: New In Notion

Wondering about AI? If you use Notion, you can now try out its artificial intelligence features in your writing—for free. However, you’re limited to 20 uses.

If you find Notion’s new functionality in your workflow valuable, you’ll need to consider how often you’re likely to use it and sign up for a paid plan.

Details on pricing and usage here, and if you’re wondering what an “action” might be, here you go:

Every time you take an AI action (including creating new content, editing existing content, using AI blocks, etc.) and receive a response from Notion AI, that counts as an AI response.

Verge reports:

You can now try out the AI features of the Notion note-taking app… (to) write and refine text, summarize key points in existing notes, and generate task lists.

I’ve used Notion off and on (mainly off) for years, so opened the app to check its new functionality.

A dialogue box appears:

Notion joins the Craft app in offering AI functionality; your favorite app may include it too.

Writing apps: is AI functionality integrated into your favorite app?

My writing toolbox includes these apps offering some form of AI:

  • Craft. (As the Craft AI Assistant.)
  • Obsidian. (Plugin: Smart Connections — it’s available in Community Plugins within the app.)
  • Logseq. (Plugin: Open AI — also available within the app; search the plugins marketplace.)

Writing and artificial intelligence: will you use it in your workflow?

It’s worth exploring artificial intelligence features in your apps. You may find it useful; or not. 

Currently, it’s not for me. I find it fascinating, but it doesn’t fit into my workflow. Not for client copywriting or ghostwriting projects; for blogging; or for self-publishing. After years of practice, I’m set in the ways I do things. Aside from proofreading, I don’t have uses for these features.

Your mileage will vary, of course. If it’s part of your favorite app, explore it. You may be able to use it. 

Another consideration: if you’re a freelance writer, you may find clients asking about it, so it’s worth developing some  familiarity.