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Changes to angelabooth.com in 2019

A version of this website has been online since 1998. In September of 2019 I consolidated my writing blogs.

(If you’re looking for my old writing blogs, Fab Freelance Writing Blog and Just Write a Book Blog, they’ve been consolidated into my writing blog and my blog here. If you need something that was previously here or on one of the blogs, contact me and we’ll try to find it for you.)

I also decided to revamp this site. But HOW?

I looked at my old Creativity Factory Blog which had thousands of posts… and decided to start afresh.

So, this site is a new vision.

I hope you’ll find information, ideas, and motivation to build your business, whether you’re a self-publishing author, blogger, or other small business owner and entrepreneur.

Additionally, you’ll find info on what I do and for whom. Explore my writing services here.

For writers: communication as business

We focus on communication as a business, or part of a business.

The coronavirus scare provided a short, sharp shock to many small and micro business owners. Going forward from May 2020, we’ll look at building your visibility so that you can run your business (and sell) anywhere.


  • You’re an entrepreneur. Communication is essential.
  • You’re a business owner. You need help growing your business.
  • Maybe you’re writing as a side hustle and want to turn that into a business. Or you’re…
  • Looking for a side hustle. You’ve got a full-time job, but you want to make some money, and perhaps start a business. Maybe
  • You’re a beginner. You have dreams. You’d love to write a bestselling novel, or become a hot blogger and influencer.

Who am I and how did I start a writing business?

I started my writing career as a romance novelist for the UK publisher MacDonald-Futura way back in the early 1980s. Then I went on to write business books for traditional publishers like Prentice Hall and Australian publisher Allen & Unwin.

Writing leads to more writing, so I stumbled into copywriting and ghostwriting, both by accident, as a result of writing for magazines and publishing books.

Over my many years as a copywriter and ghostwriter I’ve written for companies large and small, as well as for individuals. Companies included Nyx Cosmetics and hp.

Blogging fascinated me; I started my earliest blogs in the late 1990s, long before blogging was fashionable. In 2004 the business world discovered blogs, so for several years I ghostwrote company blogs.

Also in the 1990s, I started to teach writing. Firstly in community colleges, then after 2002, online. You can check out my current courses and classes for writers on my Writing Classes website.

My freelance writing services

Yes, you can hire me. 🙂 I’m always excited by new clients and projects.

Here’s a short list of my writing services.

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